The Story Behind Book’em Sadie by Danielle Norman

03 Jun 2019

By Danielle Norman

When men hit their midlife crisis, they have a lot of options to choose from: girlfriend, sports car, hair plugs, you name it. But for women, the cliche’ isn’t as rampant. Me? When I hit fifty, I decided to learn how to ride a Harley. From the second, I turned the throttle, felt the wind in my face, and the sun beating on my back, I knew that this was a thrill ride I would never get tired of.

So what’s this have to do with my new series? It’s what started my entire journey of ideas for my romance writing. My first series, Iron Orchids is summed up as; A spa loving, Louboutin wearing, all ladies MC.

But shortly after learning to ride, I was on an overpass highway when lights and sirens broke through all of the traffic noise. Motorcycles as far as the eyes could see rode down the highway in a side by side formation, all riders were in uniform, from different agencies, different fields of law enforcement all over the state of Florida.

The sight was amazing until I realized what it was I was watching and then it was heart-wrenching. Every area of law enforcement sent an honor guard to pay their respect because what I was watching was a funeral procession. Earlier that week, one of our motorcycle deputies had been killed in the line of duty.

That’s when I decided to write a series based on Motorcycle deputies, but of course, I wanted mine to be women, strong women. Women who prove that you can do anything, have great friendships without being catty and still get the hot guy who can be alpha without being an alpha-hole.

All of this leads to Book ‘em Sadie, the first book in my new Iron Badges series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, it is a spin-off of my Iron Orchids, so you will see familiar faces appear.

Danielle Norman is the author of the new book Book’em Sadie.

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