The Story Behind Accidental Shield by Nicole Snow

14 Jan 2020

By Nicole Snow

Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in Accidental Shield, my latest Marriage Mistake standalone novel.

Waking up in freaking Hawaii hitched to a growly military man sporting sea glass eyes and a hearty-stabby smile should be every girl’s dream. Only, Valerie Gerard can’t remember anything, much less how she fell in love with her suspiciously perfect new hubby.

Former SEAL Flint Calum had a helpless woman carried into his house. His best friend, Cash, saw the ugly truth about her accident and the brutal men after her – and he also had the nerve to tell Val she’s Flint’s wife.

Rocky start? Oh, yes. And it just gets crazier from there as an overprotective single dad puts it all on the line to protect a total stranger who thinks they’re married, and Valerie comes to terms with the dark truth about her past and her own tattered heart.

So, yes, Accidental Shield touches the amnesia trope that’s been a favorite in romance forever, but it’s never been done like this! I wanted a story of true self-discovery and all the feels. I wanted deep scars, emotional and literal, that could only be healed by two hearts coming together against the odds. And I wanted some comic relief amid all the tension.

I’m a believer in the power of laughter, even in the darkness. That’s why Val also wakes up with her trusty sidekick, a very illegal Savannah cat named Savanny, and sea turtles play an important role in this story.

I know. But it’d be downright criminal to set a book in a place as magical as Oahu without drawing on the local atmosphere.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Accidental Shield.

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