The Story Behind Accidental Romeo by Nicole Snow

14 Jan 2019

By Nicole Snow

I’m no Shakespeare, but you’d better believe I fell in love writing this Romeo.

My latest book, Accidental Romeo, is a unique take on star-crossed lovers and fresh twists on old genre favorites.

If there’s one thing I’m a knock down sucker for, it’s the damaged single dad trope in romance. I keep coming back to it in a lot of books, diving into my own head and heart so I can give every story I tell with an alpha dad hero a unique twist.

I’ve done the growly, protective alpha with kids of all types before. Then I began to wonder, what if the dad in this case has his own identity as a parent compromised? What if his family is held together by a wild secret and a few noble lies? And what if he’s bound for love with a mysterious young woman just as everything he’s fought so hard for begins unraveling?

There’s no mercy in Hunter and Wendy’s story. They couldn’t be more different. They definitely shouldn’t be playing pretend lovers when Hunter steps in and declares himself Wendy’s date to her stuck-up sister’s wedding.

But they do. They are. They must.

The reclusive, broody billionaire head of a defense company meets his feisty young destiny by total accident when his son, Ben, acts out on raw impulse. In no time, a disaster with a cake and a banged up van turns into a little game of romantic charades and a whole lot of “what the heck are we doing?”

Wendy has spent her life never being taken seriously by anyone. Hunter takes everything far too seriously while he’s busy trying to raise his teenage boy. The ground shifts under them both, and soon they’re fighting to figure out where they both fit in the jagged landscape of each other’s lives – which aren’t what they’ve been led to believe. Yet, somewhere between the banter, the chemistry, and the gobsmacking secrets, there’s love. It takes a lot of laughs and some very high stakes drama to bring it, but when it comes, it’s oh-so-rewarding.

I loved this book not just because it’s another tale of alpha male goodness and accidental love, but because it showed me how far I can stretch my work in new directions. Romance is ultimately comfort food lit for the soul, rife with expectations. I always aim to give my readers exactly what they adore most, but when I can do it with a fresh voice in a way no one expects, I smile. Because then I know that all the feedback, all the writing, all the books have led me to something magical to share.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Accidental Romeo

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