The Story Behind Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow

16 Sep 2019

By Nicole Snow

True to life, family is everything in my latest marriage mistake romance thriller Accidental Rebel.

The “accidentally married” trope never gets old. It’s one of the most fun and popular out there, but I’m always after a unique twist. Something I’ve never done before after four previous marriage mistake standalone novels.

Enter single dad rebel hero, Miller Rush, and the adorably flailing thriller writer Gwendolyn. He’s on the run to save his family with evidence of a harrowing black market operation at his old employer. She’s just trying to break out from everyone’s shadow – her mother, her boss, and her own (which she starts out very much afraid of).

It’s all there with this couple. The heat, the laughter, the misunderstandings, the oh-so-wrong feels, and the highest stakes ever as they fight to protect each other along with Miller’s adorable twins, Lauren and Shane. It’s not just two hearts on the line, but four. Gwen winds up surprise hitched after answering a call meant for her boss, a shady lawyer orchestrating Miller’s escape across the country. This headstrong alpha-dad needs a fake wife to stay undercover while he blows the whistle on some very bad people.

But while the chemistry flares hot and wild, at the beating heart of this book, there’s really a tale of two families accidentally entangled and meant to be. Miller’s kids are almost as much a part of the story as our star couple. Gwen’s ultra-nosy celebrity mom also lends a helping hand to Miller, and discovers a new angle to her daughter.

Yes, there are bad guys. There’s suspense galore. There are magnificent hit-you-in-the-feely-feel scenes and others you’ll want to read with the lights turned low so no one can see you blush. No one ever accused me of skimping on the heat in my romance.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Accidental Rebel.

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