The Story Behind Accidental Protector by Nicole Snow

04 Sep 2018

By Nicole Snow

Love is unpredictable.

That’s where our insanity begins in Noah and Mindy’s story. These two wake up in Reno after a rough night as complete strangers, and quickly realize they’re hitched.

If there are two things I adore, it’s a marriage mistake story with a heaping side of mystery. These two have issues from the get go. The instant they start to work on them, the secrets come tumbling out. Oh, but so does the chemistry set.

It’s insta-lust. It’s words and misunderstandings and dueling tongues. It’s something strange and wonderful that should make them both run, but circumstance won’t let them. And by the time things get truly hot and heavy, lust is hardly all they’re fighting.

Mindy is a young woman fleeing her old life and a bad engagement to reinvent herself in Reno. Noah will give anything to find his missing cousin and end the man who took her. Their problems are emotional and dangerous, life and death and heart, which makes for some really amazing fireworks.

They should be total opposites. They should be worlds apart. They should be round pegs in the square holes of each other’s souls.

Of course, life doesn’t work that way, and neither does love. I enjoyed guiding cupid’s arrow every inch of the way. Forget the Happily Ever After. Between the shock, the steam, the self-discovery, and a whole lot of banter, Noah and Mindy are all about how the heart finds its perfect twin. Sometimes in romance, the journey is everything.


Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Accidental Protector

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