The Story Behind Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow

03 Jun 2019

By Nicole Snow

Love and loss. Polar opposites. Beginning and end.

I’ve always been fascinated with how life’s deepest emotional time bombs can change people forever. That’s the premise of my latest marriage mistake book, when young Bella Reed walks into an inheritance she never expected – a billion dollar company, a sprawling ranch, a brilliant horse, and yes, a freaking husband.

Grandpa’s will was a little strange. It lists Drake Larkin as the man Bella needs to stay married to for the next six months to fully protect his legacy, plus the fate of the little town of Dallas, North Dakota.

Cue the hysterical laughter. The tears. The cursing, the screaming, and the heaping crush on a quiet, older beast of a man who only has a slightly better handle on this accidental marriage thing than she does.

Being the cruel shark of an author I am, Bella gets run through the gauntlet of human emotion. But so does Drake. He’s Mr. Broody incarnate, facing down demons from his past who become very wrapped up in the present. Claiming his make believe wife for good is just one more surprise he doesn’t need upending his life – until it’s the only thing that seems right.

I had a lot going on in my head when I set out to write this book. For one, I wanted a uniquely Snow way for two people to get accidentally married, and a proxy marriage by inheritance is just the insanity I needed.

More importantly, the raw emotion at the core of Drake and Bella’s slow burning heart-storm had to set them straight. It had to sort them. There’s nothing more electric and real in romance than throwing together two characters who are, in many ways, total opposites.

He’s too hungover on life. She’s barely begun to drink.

She’s been controlled. He’s done too much controlling.

The damsel in distress with a backbone. The knight who saves her by making her strong.

You get the idea.

Oh, and let’s talk about that horse. Edison isn’t just there for comic relief, he’s virtually the book’s second hero. The world’s wisest horse pulls Bella and Drake in the same direction as destiny itself – ever closer together with some major heartache along the way.

Life ain’t no cakewalk.

I’m lucky I’ve never been through the five alarm family drama Bella experiences, or the loss nagging Drake, or a beautifully accidental Happily Ever After, but I know one thing.

This book spoke to me like I hope it will you, dear readers. It tells me hearts can sometimes be just as stubborn as one wild, crazy horse.

Because once hearts decide what they really, truly want, they’ll suffer plenty to turn unthinkable mistakes into miracle love.

Saddle up with Accidental Knight today for an unforgettable ride into the hotness, suspense, and humor I consider my speciality.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Accidental Knight.

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