The Story Behind A Single Touch by W. Winters

03 Jun 2019

By W. Winters

Memorable scenes are what make a book for me.

The moments when you feel EVERYTHING. The intensity of events stacking up against the characters, the feeling of loss or acceptance, watching and feeling like you’re RIGHT THERE as characters choose love, not knowing if they’ll be able to keep it forever. Those little moments through pages and pages of black and white make me fall in love with the book.

They’re also what I strive to write. Making every word count and each scene having a moment that grips you in a way that refuses to let go. I think that’s what makes reading worth it. Worth the hours we spend living someone else’s life. A piece of their story clings to you and feels relatable, it gives you hope or something more.

In the conclusion of the Irresistible Attraction series, A Single Touch, I needed to make sure several events happened that held such great emotion. Several scenes that illicit shock, which aids in memory development (I used to work in the Neuroscience field) but even more than that, scenes that left a lasting impression on readers. I needed these moments to make the books worth reading, worth writing, worth remembering and holding on to.

I know that it happened for me and now that A Single Touch is live, I’ll be holding my breath and hoping this story touches readers like it did me. It’s intense, suspenseful, heated in ways I’ve never explored before, and above all, a romance.

W. Winters is the author of the new book A Single Touch

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