The Story Behind A Single Kiss by W. Winters

12 Apr 2019

By W. Winters

Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes when you don’t expect it. It evades you when you are convinced you need it. Even more finicky than that, it morphs before your eyes and becomes something you may never have expected.

There’s a specific scene in A Single Kiss where everything changes for my heroine. Like the mechanical dial of a clock, the gears slipped into place and love clicked and ticked its way into her life seamlessly and without any sign of stopping once the pieces started moving. The inspiration from that scene arrived late at night at the bottom of a glass of Cabernet when all I was thinking about was a fight I knew was going to happen.

The fight was bound to take place and it was stuck in my head, not letting me move on until I’d figured out a piece to that puzzle. Instead of fighting, my mind wandered and molded into a different part of the book, the part where she realized she was in love.

I suppose part of the reason the scene I was playing in my head faded to a scene that would have occurred earlier in the timeline is because, in the moment of conflict, some piece of Bethany reminded her that she loved him. It makes sense and maybe it’s why, maybe not. I’ll never know. All I’m certain of is that night I wrote her falling in love… and then wrote the inevitable scene where she questioned if love was enough.


W. Winters is the author of the new book A Single Kiss

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