The Story Behind A Single Glance by Willow Winters

05 Feb 2019

By Willow Winters

You would think that an author would be less stressful each time they release a book.  As in, they’ve done it before, they have a routine now, they won’t be sitting in a dark corner rocking and biting their nails like they did the first release.  You’d think that, and even I thought that, but I have learned it’s not at all true.

It doesn’t get easier, launching a book actually gets MORE anxiety-ridden which is insane given the stress and pressure indie authors have.  You’re not just the author, you’re the publisher too. The to-do list is ever growing and even when you have it all nailed down and the process is streamlined, the stress is still there.

But it’s not the process or to-do lists that make it harder each time.  It’s the fact that with every release, you love your books more and more. That’s the case for me at least.

Every book is my best work yet, and I fall harder and harder in love with my characters each time.  Jase Cross in A Single Glance is by far my favorite hero.  He’s complex, damaged, powerful and controlling, yet there’s a piece of him that is so vulnerable I can’t help but to want more of him and that’s what I want for my readers as well.

I want them to love this book like I do.  And that’s a terrifying wish to have.

When you release a book, you don’t get to control or edit how a reader feels about it.  That’s never going to change, and the more I write, the more I want others to feel what I’m feeling.  The more I want them to fall madly and deeply in love with my characters like I do.

I’ve done everything I can to make sure everyone will love A Single Glance, and reading these early reviews is definitely helping that anxiousness inside.

It may be an intense feeling, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I love this book, this career, and the readers that follow me on this journey.  There’s nothing better than this.

Willow Winters is the author of the new book A Single Glance

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