The Story Behind A Road Trip To Remember by Judith Keim

27 Apr 2021

By Judith Keim

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited that A ROAD TRIP TO REMEMBER is finally out and available on all sites. It’s a story I loved to write. Most readers like second chances, family connections, and happy endings, and this has it all.

But the story behind the story lies in family memories. My grandmother, Gram, and my great-aunt, Weezie, used to ride around town together because my grandmother couldn’t drive and my great-aunt loved to be behind the wheel. The combination worked…almost. Because as sweet as my great-aunt was, she loved to be in control of the driving situation and my grandmother was the passenger. You get my drift.

Several stories emerged from their times together. Weezie loved to get a new car every couple of years. When power steering first came out, she was ecstatic. Why? Because she could steer the car with one finger! You can imagine how well Gram liked that. LOL

Another cute story was when Weezie was driving alone down a one-way street with an impatient taxi cab driver behind her. When they finally got to the corner, the traffic light turned red. In his fury, the cab driver got out of his car and marched toward her, ready to give her a “lecture”. She waited until he was near, saw that the light had turned green, and zoomed away.

As all writers do, I believe, we take pieces of our lives, memories of others, and meeting new people as threads from which we can weave a story. In this book, there is a scene at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial which I drew from a vivid experience I had there with my husband when we went there, and then to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

In addition, I’m a grandmother and what grandmother doesn’t dream of special moments with her grandchildren.

So, behind every story is real, remembered, or imagined moments to share with our readers in a way that we hope they appreciate. Enjoy, A ROAD TRIP TO REMEMBER!


Judith Keim is the author of the new book A Road Trip To Remember

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