The Story Behind A Little Bit Dirty by Willow Winters

05 May 2022

by Willow Winters

I really needed something sexy and sweet, something easy but addictive. I’m a mood reader AND a mood writer.

The escape that I needed with A Little Bit Dirty was one with hot chemistry, swoony banter, and a rugged blue-collar mechanic with a dirty mouth.

Bri and Asher’s second chance in this small town romance is exactly what my friends say they think of when they hear “romance novel”.  It’s flirty and gives all those mushy feels but there’s also a gut punch and emotions I’m known for.

Asher broke his high school sweetheart’s heart while she was away at college. Bri comes home years later and can’t get away from him, or from her feelings that are still very much alive and well.

In a small town that remembers everything and spreads rumors like wildfire, Bri finds herself caught in the heat of the moment and the memories of what they used to be.


Willow Winters is the author of the new book A Little Bit Dirty

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