The Story Behind A Kiss to Keep by Willow Winters

29 Jul 2019

By Willow Winters

A Kiss to Keep is one of my favorites that I’ve written because it’s set in this very intense world, with known dangers that are a given in the mafia setting, yet the conflict is so very relatable.

The Merciless world has been developed over ten novels now, so I know it well, and I love every fine detail just as much as I love all of the characters within this world. There are constant moving pieces and development for other heroes’ stories within the timeline which makes it more difficult to write and even to conceive, but also more enticing. I love the challenges and the depth that writing in this world brings.

The conflict between Sebastian and Chloe is one as old as time. They love each other, but the environment and the circumstances puts them at odds. I love the push and pull and… if I’m being honest, all the little sexy bits. I hope you fall in love with their story, this world, and become as obsessed as I am.

Willow Winters is the author of the new book A Kiss to Keep.

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