The Story Behind A Bridge Between Us by K.K. Allen

25 Nov 2020

By K.K. Allen

Take a wild journey through the cornfields and grapevines of a small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, and you’ll find a breathtaking story of young love, heartbreak, and an ominous threat that lurks in the background. Camila Bell and Ridge Cross are rivals by blood and lovers at heart. As future heirs to their families’ land, they form a quick, tumultuous friendship that builds into so much more.

Torn between love, loyalty, and circumstances, Ridge and Camila find themselves fighting against all odds for a future that seems doomed from the beginning. Spanning decades through growth, separation, and an undying bond, this epic love story is perfect for lovers of small town romance with a hint of suspense thrown in.

Hailed as “the new age Romeo and Juliet” with “Yellowstone series feels,” and a “Hatfield-McCoy” type-feud, A Bridge Between Us is an emotional and compelling romantic suspense with descriptive scenes that immerse readers straight into the story. You’ll see the soft breeze blowing across the wildflowers, you’ll hear the swish of cornstalks as you dash through the fields, you’ll savor the taste of vintage wine that percolates your senses, and you’ll feel the rush of a first kiss that you fear might just be your last.

Can two star-crossed lovers survive their doomed fate and rewrite their future before it’s too late?

“We’ve heard tales of Orpheus + Eurydice, Romeo + Juliet, Heathcliff + Catherine, and now we have Ridge Cross + Camila Bell. K.K. Allen has written what has to be one of the Top Books of 2020! A gripping journey of love, hope, and loss. Ridge and Camila are also one of my favorite couples. They are two souls who are bound together no matter the distance and time.” Book(b)ish

K.K. Allen is the author of the new book A Bridge Between Us.

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