The News In Books | July 2

02 Jul 2015

This week: Social sharing of story snippets, literacy for all, cyberpunk reads to help you get over Mad Max and more!

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Why, What Big Books You Have

Oh, wait, those are lockers. Teachers at Biloxi Junior High School in Mississippi are busy redecorating their hallways with book spines on every locker. Read More ↦

Amazon Launches Instant Previews for Android

Admit it. You’ve totally been reading a book and taken a screenshot or photo of a quote to send to a friend. Well, for those of you who read through the Kindle app on an Android device, sharing special, hilarious, or intriguing content just got easier. The newest update for the app allows readers to send an “Instant Preview” to a friend via all the usual sharing channels, Twitter, text, Facebook and more! Read More ↦

Stop Beating Around the Bush, Adult Literacy is a Problem

The Barbara Bush foundation is a non profit focused on improving household literacy in the US. They have recently embraced the use of technology to help bring the literacy level of adults up. Creating easy to use tech to assist with increasing literacy, is something that can be used here in the US, and abroad, so we are excited to see where this goes. Read More ↦

Tinder Meets StumbleUpon for Books!

It’s still building its database, but ReadingStash has potential as a fun, low maintenance way to discover new books in your favorite genre. Select you genre from the bottom of the page (psst. they only have Fantasy and Business right now) and hit the next button until you hit a book that catches your fancy.  Read More ↦

Don’t Punk my Cyber (Or do, that could be fun)

Cyberpunk has been around for a few decades, but as technology becomes ever more engrained in our lives, it is finding a new home in more poplar literary circles. Check out io9’s Ultimate Cyberpunk Reading list.  Feast Your Eyes ↦ 

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