The News in Books Week of August 7th

07 Aug 2015

Good News, Problematic Trends, and Wise Words await in this week’s News in Books:

Get Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger (in Your Mind!) With BOOKS!

The Stylist has done a lovely job of reminding us of all of the lovely benefits of reading (relaxation, memory, activating language centers, and more!) Read More ↦ 

The Patriarchy Strikes Again

Alas, we have another sad experiment in which the  bias towards male authors becomes evident. In this piece, Catherine Nichols does a fantastic job looking at the plethora of factors that may lead this to be the case, but consciously and subconsciously. Read More ↦ More ↦ 

An Indie Press in Brooklyn is Publishing the Pope

Yep. You Read that right. The Pope wrote an encyclical on climate change that was leaked on June 15th in an online Italian magazine. This week, Melville House pulled off one of the fastest publishing jobs in the history of the industry and brought it to print Read More ↦ 

We love Ursula K. Le Guin Because She Says Great Things

Love Ursula as much as we do? Read this lovely NYT interview, and don’t forget to watch this fantastic speech of hers from last year when she won the National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

Last, But Not Least

Pretty pictures of books and bookcases. Because, we live vicariously through not only books, but other readers, and what kind of Friday would it be without a little eye candy 😉 Feast Your Eyes ↦ 

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