The News in Books | Week of June 19

19 Jun 2015

And this friends, is the news in books:

Get Smart with TED and Entrepreneur Curated Books

The smart people over at TED related their list of 70 recommended summer reads. Interested in both Non Fiction  and Fiction spanning a variety of subjects? Check out their list Here ↦

Also, check out Bookstck, a list of curated bookshelves by the US’s leading entrepreneurs. Read More ↦

Librarians Get Snarky (and we don’t blame them!)

iO9 posted it’s comments of the day on the 17th, an both were from librarians who would like to enlighten you about how to use the library, and remind you that, yes, they do have important things to do, and no, in an academic setting they will not do your work for you. Read More ↦

For Lemony Snicket, Hopefully the Second Time is the Charm

Netflix has announced that it will be adapting “A Series of Unfortunate Events” into a series. Grim, but funny, this series would be entertainment for the whole family. Read More ↦

New Record Set for Tolkien First Edition

Full disclosure: I am a die hard Tolkien fan. Like, my love for Middle Earth has a mildly obsessive quality. When I saw this article, the sounds that came out of my mouth were vaguely Gollum-esque (and may have ended in “We wants it! my precioussss”). Now that my fan-girling is out of the way, the news: A first edition copy of The Hobbit (that was given by Tolkien himself to a student and friend, including a handwritten note in Anglo-Saxon) just sold for£137,000. Read More ↦

hobbit 2


Smart Girls in Romance Novels

Think that all Romance novels have weak heroines who “just need a good man”? Think agin. The good folks over at themarysue fill us in on some smart tropes in romance novels Read More ↦

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