The News in Books Week of July 31

31 Jul 2015

This, my friends, is the News:

Is it the Golden Age of Publishing?

YES. Flavorwire may disagree in a moment of pessimism concerning large publishing houses, but here at NewinBooks we adhere to the stance that it is absolutely the golden age. With more people reading than ever people, and more people getting published, conventionally and independently, things are looking pretty shiny in the book world Read More ↦ 

Young Bookworm has a Great Week

A 12-year-old boy in Utah asked his mailman for junk mailto ead, because he didn’t have any books. The mailman posted the young man’s plight to Facebook and now he has enough books to completely fill his bookcase and more Read More ↦ 

App of Thrones

Love GOT but don’t really want to read the HUGE, DESCRIPTION RICH books that the show is based off of? There is an app for that. Read More ↦ 

The Perfect Accessories for your Man Purse and your Monocle

Business insider has compiled “6 books every modern gentleman should read in 2015. I think it’s a great list for any modern ladies too Read More ↦ 

Time’s Top Picks

Time Weighs in on the top books of 2015 so far. We whole heartedly agree with H is for Hawk and SevenEves. Read More ↦ 

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