The News in Books Week of July 17

17 Jul 2015

This week’s News in Books:

The Good

Jet Blue has installed book vending machines that give away children’s books for FREE in an attempt to help families build home libraries, which are proven to  aid in the literacy of children, even in communities that have access to public libraries. Read More ↦ 

The Old

Do you read Sci Fi? Have you read Dune by Frank Herbert? This classic Science Fiction novel has been a corner stone of the Science Fiction genre for 50 years, even Star Wars wouldn’t exists without it. On its birthday, Read More ↦ 


The Ugly

Oh Amazon, when will you not be the center of yet another (semi) scandal? This week, Amazon’s policy concerning reviews for products on Amazon, and who can leave them (spoiler: if you know the person who created the item, like, oh let’s just use the author of a book as an example, your review may get taken down) , feels the heat. Read More ↦ 

The Funny

McSweeny’s is always good for a laugh. This week, read Downsized Works of Literature. Our favorite? Fahrenheit 450. Read More ↦ 

Also great for a laugh? The Onion, the exclusive source for cutting edge satire. This week: Harper Lee Announces Third Novel, ‘My Excellent Caretaker Deserves My Entire Fortune’ Read More ↦ 

laugh 2

The Helpful

Because it wouldn’t be a week in the book world without some major publication/ public figure offering up their book recommendations. Here are 23 Books to Read about Money and Wired’s book list.

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