The News in Books Week of August 21

21 Aug 2015

Christmas is Coming Early

Book Lovers, get ready for October. This year the Publishing Industry is planning Super Thursday in the first week of October, which will involve the release of over 500 new titles. Think your To Be Read Stack is bad now? Just wait until you see these titles Read More ↦ 


But This Week, We Mourn the Passing of Authonomy

HarperCollins closed the gates on Authonomy, the website where aspiring authors could submit their work to be reviewed by other authors, and, if they were one of the top 5 submissions that month, have it in turn reviewed by HarperCollins editors. Plenty of authors received contracts through Authonomy, so there has been much sadness Read More ↦ 

#RealLifeStruggles in this Bustle Article

Check out these 12 Experiences Only Books-Lovers had in College. Our Favorite: You Can’t Study In The Library, Because You’re Too Distracted By All The Books Read More ↦ 

Near, far, Wherever you are, You can Attend the National Book Festival

There will be extended coverage of this year’s National Book Festival, so if you can’t make it to DC, tune in remotely.  Read More ↦ 

The Weekly Dose of Satire

Learn how to name all of your novels for best results Read More ↦ 

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