The News in Books Week of August 18

28 Aug 2015

Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Get sucked into the wormhole of Judgey, the online game that shows you book covers, and you have to guess at the Goodreads rating, with only the cover to go off of. Play Now ↦ 

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Don’t Adopt These Puppies: Politics behind The 2015 Hugo Awards

Alright y’all, here is the briefest rundown on the politics of this year’s Hugo Awards that you’re going to find: Sad Puppies eschewed nominations for the Hugo awards because they dislike the concept of rewarding diversity and ingenuity with a Hugo award. They were outvoted and lost. BUT a lot of people who should have gotten awards didn’t, so they still kinda won.

If you are interested in the Science Fiction community, and value diversity and social commentary in fiction, I highly suggest reading Wired and NPR’s take of the situation.

The Smelly Smell of Old Books

This year’s Mark Twaint Library Book Fair will host thousands of books, including many rare and old books. In CT already? We suggest Checking it out ↦ 

More Nerdy Goodness: Spoilers for GOT

Need your fix of GOT gossip between seasons? Well, George R.R. Martin has verified that Stannis is still alive!… In the books. In the TV show however? Not so much. Read More ↦ 

Weekly Reading List Roundup

Looking to start a business? Or just, you know, interested in tech things? Check out Entrepreneur’s Recommended List ↦ 

Our weekly celebrity reading list belongs to none other than Jennifer Lawrence, our forever #wcw Read More ↦ 


It’s back to school time! And Forbes is weighing in of which books look at American education the best Read More ↦ 

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