The News in Books | July 10

10 Jul 2015

Movies, Miscavige, Mockingbirds and more in this week’s News in Books!

Watching out for Watchman

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee is coming out next Tuesday! It is the most pre-ordered book in her publisher’s history (our team definitely accounts for a few of those pre-orders!) But Harper once vowed never to publish this book, what changed? Read More ↦ 

The Guardian is live blogging the pre-release of the first chapter today, Friday July 10th. Read More ↦  

Jack Black is giving us Goosebumps

R.L. Stine is the most prolific children’s author in history, and Jack Black is the lead in a movie adaptation of his books.

The Newest in the Paper vs eReader Debate

Which is better: reading on paper, or on an eReader? The research consistently shows that reading physical books is better for comprehension. Why? Because we have adapted to a more “scanning” reading style on screens, and the physicality of a book helps us remember the plot. Read More ↦  

Woman Receives Library Card 73 Years After Rejection

Mrs. Pearl Thompson was denied the right to check a book out of the Raleigh, NC public library in 1942, during the Jim Crow era. In a special ceremony on July 8th, she was awarded a library card at the age of 92, from the same institution that had denied her one so many years ago. CELEBRATE! Read More ↦


RIP European Nook Books and Expensive iBooks

Barnes and Noble announced that they are officially doing away with their international eBooks division. This is likely spelling the beginning of the end for the once big time book retailer. Read More ↦

Apple lost the lawsuit against the US Department of Justice, which found them guilty of illegal price-fixing back in 2013. They will pay out $450million to consumers. Read More ↦ 

Scientology Scandal on the Books! 

Ronald Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige, the current leader of The Church of Scientology, has signed a publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press for his upcoming memoir. No publication date has been announced, but in light of some.. lets just say familial strife… in recent years, it is known that Ronald’s stories are unlikely to be flattering for the controversial church. Read More ↦ 

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