The Martian: Trailer and Release Date Announced

19 Aug 2015

Have we mentioned how much we love The Martian? It’s very rare that a single book captivates our entire team, since we all have very different tastes. Our COO started the craze. Then Chloe got on board. Ricci followed, and I just started reading it. Ben’s next. We’re obsessed. The Martian is NewInBooks’ current favorite thing. We even have a post on books to read if you like The Martian.

When we saw that The Martian’s trailer launched today, we jumped up and down (not an exaggeration) and immediately crowded around Chloe’s desk to watch it. Twice.

There are a ton of great movie adaptions of books coming this holiday season – but you’ll find the entire NewInBooks team at our local theater for this one.

Excited? Yeah. You should be. The film releases on October 2 – we’ll be there. Read the book before then – it’s worth it. NewInBooks approved.

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