The Emory Crawford Mysteries: New from Promontory Press

17 Aug 2015


A pudgy homemaker and housewife, Emory Crawford blossoms into her true detective self in Pearl R. Meaker’s cozy mystery series, The Emory Crawford Mysteries.

Emory emerges as an inquisitive amateur detective in the first book of this series, The Devil’s Music. As in any small town, everybody knows everybody else’s business, and Emory doesn’t hesitate in making it her own business when an acclaimed scholar and musician’s body is found, murdered, on the Twombly College campus. Emory’s husband, Dr. Jebbin Crawford, teaches chemistry and forensics at the college, and she is determined to find the culprit who is threatening the safety of the town of Twombly and the comfy life that she has created with Jebbin.

The Devil’s Music made its debut through Promontory Press in May 2015. Since then, Pearl R. Meaker has already completed the sequel, The Devil’s Hook, The Emory Crawford Mysteries book two, which is rapidly approaching its launch and due to hit shelves in just one month, on September 15th, 2015.

Emory’s detective skills are put to the test again in The Devil’s Hook, when cryptic red items show up in Twombly College’s dorms. Nothing is stolen, but new items mysteriously appear. Meanwhile, Jairus Twombly’s intuitive gift is faltering and his new personal assistant is encroaching on his wife Amy’s territory. Emory decides to take matters into her own hands when one of her students, who has been receiving the red objects, goes missing, and Jairus’s assistant is found with Amy’s Bloodwood crochet hook in her eye. Dead. This time, Emory has the help of the Twomblys’ bright young daughter, Madison, assisting her in keeping hot on the trail of who is responsible for the red items, kidnapping Emory’s student, and murdering Jairus’s assistant.

Pearl R. Meaker has many adventures planned to come for Emory, with the third book in the series due for its release in Fall 2016. Meaker is a new, undiscovered author breaking into the cozy mystery scene, and she has already impressed bookstores and readers alike with her ability to paint the perfect scenes for the murder mysteries to unfold, and craft loveable characters akin to the ever popular Miss Marple.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to pick up your copy of The Devil’s Music and pre-order The Devil’s Hook.

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