The Best Urban Fantasy Books to Gift in 2015

20 Nov 2015

Urban fantasy books differ from sword and sworcery fantasy in a crucial way: urban fantasy books are set in contemporary settings (generally urban areas, as the name implies). Think more Supernatural than Game of Thrones.

If you know a book lover who is into all things paranormal (and contemporary), read on. We’ve rounded up the best urban fantasy books to gift this year. All of these books to read are brand new for Fall 2015 and make fantastic gifts for book lovers! To make things easy, these recommendations for gifts for book lovers are all based on popular paranormal TV shows.

The Best Urban Fantasy Books to Gift in 2015

B00VVWB0AU cover image

The Concealed (The Lakewood Series Book 1)

Sarah Kleck

Sarah Kleck is a German author whose Lakewood Series is skyrocketing to the top of the charts in the USA this fall. This series spans urban fantasy and new adult romance, intertwining the two genres in an Oxford University setting.

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Recombinant (The Blood Borne Series Book 1)

Shannon Mayer

Shannon Mayer has been described as the queen of urban fantasy. Her new Blood Borne series is an urban fantasy at heart, but mixes in mystery / thriller and detective elements for a fast-paced read.

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Mercenary Magic (Dragon Born Serafina Book 1)

Ella Summers

Mercenary Magic follows Sera, who is the type of magical creature that other supernaturals hunt and kill. It’s a fantastic new urban fantasy series with a powerhouse female herione, out to save her city (and stay alive).

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Dragon Marked

Jaymin Eve

Dragon Marked blends familiar fantasy creatures (like dragons and werewolves and vampires) with a contemporary adventure. Jessa, our heroine, holds a secret. A secret that lands her in jail (unfairly). Can Jessa free herself before her demise?

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Pia Does Hollywood (Elder Races)

Thea Harrison

Pia Does Hollywood is a little bit steamy and very fast-paced. Pia and Dragos, her mate, travel to California to meet with the Fae Queen. Unfortunately, an ancient enemy tagged along – an enemy who wants Pia and Dragos dead.

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