Stephanie Brother on Reverse Harem Romance

15 Dec 2022

Why I Write Reverse Harem Romance

By Stephanie Brother

I started writing reverse harem romance novels several years ago, and I’ve got to say, I love it. For those unfamiliar with RH, it’s a story where a woman falls in love with more than one man. It’s entirely different from a love triangle and it’s definitely not cheating. All parties are open and honest with each other. The gist of RH is that a woman meets several amazing men who are so incredible that she couldn’t possibly choose between them—so she doesn’t. And the men feel that the woman is so special that they’re willing to share her in order to be with her.

The appeal of RH is pretty apparent. These days, we want a lot from our significant others. We want them to love us, support us, and understand us. We’d like them to make us laugh and be equal partners around the home. We want them to turn us on and be amazing in the bedroom. 

That’s a lot to ask of one person, and most of us end up with mates with just a few of those qualities. For example, a woman with a supportive, tender boyfriend might love him with all her heart, but secretly wonder what it would be like to be with an Alpha male. Or a woman dating a bad boy might long for a man who’ll rub her feet and ask about her day after she gets home from work.

The heroine of a reverse harem novel doesn’t have to worry about those kinds of things—she can be with men who fill each of those roles. That’s part of what makes RH so fun to write. My books include very different kinds of men, but they’re united in their goal: to win the heart of the women they love.

Sometimes, it’s easier to craft an RH relationship if the men are already very good friends. I love to write about a strong bond between the guys. They might argue and joke around, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got each other’s backs.

Of course, there are some difficulties when writing reverse harem, especially when it comes to keeping track of the guys. When I’m writing a scene—especially a steamy scene—and use the word “he,” I need to make sure readers know which man I’m talking about!

When I’m not writing, I love to curl up with my Kindle or Audible app and indulge in a bestselling RH romance. If you haven’t yet discovered this popular genre, I hope you’ll give it a try!

Stephanie Brother is the author of the new book Battery Operated

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