5 Quotes to Make You Stop Judging Me for Liking British Chick Lit

11 Jun 2015

Romance is a polarizing genre. There are two camps: those who love to read romance books and those who judge people for loving to read romance books. Since I am a complicated and dichotomous human (insert teenage angsty “no one understands me” gif), I am both at once. Read Sartre to get the brain churning; read Kinsella for the feels.

Judging me? Here are 5 insightful / relatable / funny quotes to change your mind.


The plight of the planner: unnecessary stress over where you’re going in life and how you’ll get there. There’s a difference between having goals and drive and stressing over the future. The above quote from The Undomestic Goddess reminds me to breathe and be present.


Also from The Undomestic Goddess. Also a helpful reminder for the fellow high-strung planners.


A long one, yes – but a funny commentary on how one should never enter into a committed relationship feeling anything but empowered. If you have to change the details of your personality, it’s not right. Of course we all know that, but of course it’s so easy to forget when that funny little bugger called attraction enters the equation. The above quote is from I’ve Got Your Number.


Always spread happiness. It’s the best kind of contagious. From Twenties Girl.


The above quote is from Can You Keep a Secret. Relatable and delightfully snappy. Anybody else have a paranoid family member? I have multiple. Upon learning that I like to run, my own grandfather gave me a suspicious look and said, “you don’t run ALONE, in the DARK, do you?” Ahem, of course not, Grandpa, of course not….

If you haven’t heard, Sophie Kinsella has a new book called Finding Audrey. It’s a departure into the YA genre for her, which is interesting to me because I started reading her books at fourteen. I remember a friend shaking her curls away from her face, reaching into her North Face backpack, and handing me a copy of Can You Keep a Secret with a definitive “Taylor, YOU WILL LOVE THIS.” And I did. And I still have that battered copy, 11 years later.

I’m excited to see what Kinsella does with her first true Young Adult novel.

sophie kinsella new book


Finding Audrey is a contemporary young adult novel from New York Times bestselling author Sophie Kinsella.

Follow Audrey through a journey of psychological recovery in a novel full of friendship, romance, and humor. This book is appropriate for readers ages 12 and above. Fans of Judy Blume, Emily Giffin, Jessica Knoll, and Keira Cass will love Finding Audrey.

Release date: June 9, 2015

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