Science Fiction & Epic Fantasy Recommendations | June 2021

17 Jun 2021

Science Fiction & Epic Fantasy Recommendations | June 2021

Looking for some exciting new adventures? Check out our recommendations for sci-fi thriller and epic fantasy lovers. We think you’ll love the latest books by Eileen Mueller, KT Belt, Kate Danley, Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Laura Shone, and Marissa Levien. Enjoy!

Riders of Fire Complete Series Box Set

by Eileen Mueller

Release Date: June 1, 2021

Bestselling Author Eileen Mueller has returned with 6 books in the Riders of Fire Series…When Ezaara imprints with the dragon queen, she’s swept into a world of dragons, treachery, intrigue, and danger. Now the new Queen’s Rider, Ezaara must lead her people as Commander Zens and his army of tharuk monsters rampage across Dragons’ Realm. She must stop them.

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Monster of the Dark

by KT Belt

Release Date: March 30, 2021

The first book in the Mirrors in the Dark series by KT Belt…Carmen Grey always knew she was different. She is taken to an underground facility meant for others like her, for Clairvoyants. Stripped of her name and identity, over the years she is fashioned into something scary. Each day is an endless struggle and every night is plagued by nightmares. Yet Carmen’s ultimate battle won’t be to save her life but to keep her soul.

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by Kate Danley

Release Date: May 14, 2021

A humorous knight’s tale from Bestselling Author Kate Danley…George is just your normal peasant, with parents who abandoned him to join up with pirates and a terrible family secret he carries around his neck. But when a wandering knight scoops him up to carry all his heavy stuff, George feels like his dreams are coming true!

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The Ice Lion

by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Release Date: June 15, 2021

A dystopian novel from New York Times bestselling author Kathleen O’Neal Gear…Explore a frozen future where archaic species struggle to survive an apocalyptic Ice Age. The old stories say that when the Jemen realized their efforts to halt global warming had gone terribly wrong, they made a desperate gamble to save life on earth and recreated species that had survived the worst of the earth’s Ice Ages.

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Eternal Bond

by Laura Shone

Release Date: June 12, 2021

The second book of the Dragon Ore series from author Laura Shone…After completing her transformation into a dragon rider, Alena now begins on her journey as Queen of Dragon Ore, but she feels as though something is missing in her life. She often sees people in her memories that she doesn’t remember, and is plagued by a feeling of unease, as she struggles to adapt to her new life. Amongst her emotional turmoil, she meets her companion and a celestial being that bestows upon her a warning of the coming threat, as well as the role that she will play, in the coming war. Will she be strong enough to carry the burden? Or will she collapse beneath the weight of it?

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The World Gives Way

by Marissa Levien

Release Date: June 15, 2021

The highly-anticipated debut novel from author Marissa Levien…A sweeping novel with a darkly glimmering heart, The World Gives Way is an unforgettable portrait of a world in freefall, and the fierce drive to live even at the end of it all. In a near-future world on the brink of collapse, a young woman born into servitude must seize her own freedom in this glittering debut with a brilliant twist—perfect for fans of Station Eleven, Karen Thompson Walker, and Naomi Alderman.

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