Romance Reads You’ll Love | June 2022

09 Jun 2022

Romance Reads You’ll Love | June 2022

In the mood for a new romance read this week? Check out our favorite new romance paranormal and romantic suspense books from bestselling authors Olivia Castillo, MK Harkins, Sawyer Bennett, Ali Hazelwood, Tessa Bailey, and Lilian Monroe. Enjoy your new romances!

Daughter of the Boricua (Songs of the Boricua)

by Olivia Castillo

Release Date: April 20, 2022

Daughter of the Boricua, sequel to the Bronze Medal winner Song of the Boricua, continues the romantic, multigenerational saga of Puerto Rico and of Liani, Taíno princess torn between two worlds; Isabella, cursed descendant of Cortés and Moctezuma, and Josephine, caught between love and career. Will they triumph or die in the storm of the century?

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Ashes (Modern-Day Fairy Tale Series Book 1)

by MK Harkins

Release Date: May 27, 2022

The last place heartthrob Harry James wants to be is back in school. The singer longs to return to the stage… until he meets a girl who sees through the fame to the real person inside. If you like captivating characters, emotional twists and turns, Fairies and Cinderella retellings, then you’ll adore MK Harkins’ fast-paced tale.

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The Shadow Princess (Chronicles of the Stone Veil Book 6)

by Sawyer Bennett

Release Date: June 7, 2022

Following the brutal murder of her parents, Thalia was stripped of her memories and sent to another dimension. Years later, her kingdom having been invaded by an evil empress, Thalia returns home to claim her throne. Memories restored, she confronts the man who stole her memories—her one true love, Bastien Dunne. The Shadow Princess is a standalone fantasy romance.

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Stuck with You

by Ali Hazelwood

Release Date: June 7, 2022

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: when it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn…

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My Killer Vacation

by Tessa Bailey

Release Date: June 6, 2022

It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in sweet, sunny Cape Cod—just me and my beloved brother—but discovering a corpse in our rental house really throws a wrench into our tanning schedule. Now a rude, crude bounty hunter has arrived on the back of his motorcycle to catch the killer and refuses to believe I can be helpful, despite countless hours of true crime podcast listening. Not to mention a fulfilling teaching career of wrangling second graders.

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Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma (Heart’s Cove Hotties Book 7)

by Lilian Monroe

Release Date: May 31, 2022

A hot, hilarious fresh start! Nora’s forties begin with a bang…or rather, a crash. What’s worse than bumping into a parked motorcycle and tipping it over? Easy. It’s bumping into a motorcycle, tipping it over, and sending it crashing into an entire row of bikes like horrible, slow-motion dominos. What’s even worse than that? Nora knows the answer. It’s when the first motorcycle in the row belongs to the hottest man in a hundred-mile radius, and he watches the whole thing happen.

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