Romance Reads You’ll Love | January 2022

27 Jan 2022

Romance Reads You’ll Love | January 2022

In the mood for a new romance read this week? Check out our favorite new romance paranormal and romantic suspense books from bestselling authors L.J. Shen, C.C. Wood, S.B. Alexander, Marti Shane, Eva Moore, and Brittney Sahin. Enjoy your new romances!

Punk Love

by L.J. Shen

Release Date: January 20, 2022

Alex is a taciturn teen with a chip on his shoulder and plans that do not involve having a girlfriend. Lara is the romantic girl who wants a taste of danger… but not enough to risk her entire life. When they first meet, they have one thing in common – an acquaintance neither of them is particularly attached to. What starts as a casual relationship spins into an angsty love story with ups, downs, and heartache.

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Ensnared in Shadow (Blood & Bone Book 4)

by C.C. Wood

Release Date: January 24, 2022

I dream of a woman, haunted by her nightmares. It’s happened before, this connection to humans in danger. I’ve always been too late to save them. Until her. I will do anything to protect her. Merry is my destiny, my fated mate. But she will never love me in return. Not when she learns of what I’ve hidden from her.

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The Hunted

by S.B. Alexander

Release Date: January 25, 2022

When a simple job to capture a vampire goes south, Layla isn’t prepared for the aftermath. With both sisters in danger, she must seek the help from the sexy vampire she was hired to kidnap. But she isn’t prepared for his magical charm or snarky wit. And if she doesn’t snap out of the web he’s drawn her into, she may never see her sisters again.

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Romeo: Unraveled (The Pride of Pearl Book 2)

by Marti Shane

Release Date: January 6, 2022

Bella just needs a short reprieve to put her thoughts into words to tell her father’s largest investor, Jack, to keep his hands to himself. As she voices the not-so-elegant words to her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she realizes she’s not alone. The delicious man is unapologetic for the intrusion, considering she’s in the wrong bathroom, but Romeo Donisi is the king of corporate damage control and offers his high-dollar advice to her dilemma for free.

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Reclaimed Dreams (Exposed Dreams Book 4)

by Eva Moore

Release Date: January 25, 2022

When the death of her eldest son calls into question a lifetime of choices, Jo Valenti reaches an uncomfortable conclusion. She is through putting her dreams on hold for everyone else’s ambitions. Unfortunately, her husband of forty years, Dom did not get the message. Grasping at straws to restore stability, he signs up the entire family for a home renovation reality show, when his marriage is the real fixer-upper in need of attention.

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The Broken One

by Brittney Sahin

Release Date: January 22, 2022

Fake marry her brother’s best friend to catch a killer… sure, what could go wrong? Joining the team at Falcon Falls Security was supposed to bring the redemption he needs so he can finally be the man Ella Mae deserves. Instead, the fabric of lies he’s woven over time quickly unravels, exposing his secrets, and places a target on the heads of everyone he cares about.

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