Realistic Fiction Books to Gift to Book Lovers in 2015

08 Nov 2015

Having a book lover in your life can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes time for gift giving. Books make great gifts, but finding something that your bibliophile hasn’t already read but will still love is a big challenge. We’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for book lovers who love realistic fiction books.

The basic characteristics of realistic fiction books are a basis in the current world, with believable characters that don’t have any appetites for dark nights and human blood, or don’t brew recipes in their cauldron at night. Basically, books about modern life in a realistic setting! And we’ve got you covered for recommendations.

Realistic Fiction Books to Gift to Book Lovers in 2015

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His Whole Life

Elizabeth Hay

His Whole Life is a coming of age novel that explores the complex relationship between mother and son, past and present, and place and self. Set in Quebec in the mid 1990s, His Whole Life charts several decades with son Jim and his mother amidst sadness, growth, and the struggle for togetherness agains the backdrop of Quebec’s struggle for secession from Canada. Realistic fictions readers will love following Jim and his family’s struggles over several years, and how Quebec’s political struggle affects and reflects their own personal narratives and relationships.

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Catherine McKenzie

In Smoke, protagonists Elizabeth and Mindy are forced to choose what to keep and what to lose in the face of natural disaster. As a forest fire rages through their small town in the Rockies, each woman must face their own relationships, marriages, lives, and desires. Realistic fiction readers will love this relatable struggle, set against an exceptional situation.

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Carrying Albert Home: The Somewhat True Story of a Man, His Wife, and Her Alligator

Homer Hickman

Carrying Albert Home is perfect for the realistic fiction book lover who appreciates how fantastical life can be, even in a realistic setting. Hickman tracks the relationship of Homer and Elsie through the comical and also tragic setting of their struggle with a most unusual wedding gift: an alligator.

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And West Is West

Ron Childress

And West Is West is a great gift for the technophile. Ron Childress’ new release tackles the topic of how technology is engrained in our everyday lives. Technology can bring us together, but it can also isolate us. This novel is terrifyingly real and powerfully political.

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Pretending to Dance

Diane Chamberlain

Pretending to Dance deals in secrets – secrets that could destroy a marriage, an adoption, and a woman’s life as she knows it. Molly Arnette is trying to make peace with a past that haunts her, all while lying to the man she loves (and the adoption agency that’s running countless background checks).

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