Promontory Press New Release Brings New Perspective on Old Idol

15 Jul 2015


His Life Through My Eyes: An Intimate Look Inside Tupac’s Last Days by Gobi M. Rahimi


Now available through Promontory Press is Gobi M. Rahimi’s photography book His Life Through My Eyes. Often portrayed as a one-dimensional figure through media, Tupac Shakur’s personality and ambitions shine through in Gobi’s behind-the-scenes photographs and commentary, showcasing Gobi’s unique perspective.

Gobi is honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Tupac as his production partner, producing most of his music videos at Death Row Records, and directing a few of them as well.

Many of the photographs shared in His Life Through My Eyes are candid and were taken while Tupac was associated with Death Row Records. In these photos, Gobi captured Tupac’s spirit and fortitude in an entirely new way. Now, Gobi is proud to share his collection of photos that he took during the last several months of Tupac’s life.

As Tupac’s production partner, Gobi had his own very personal experiences with the star. These photographs show exactly that: Gobi’s view, what he saw, and his perspective while working alongside Tupac. Gobi’s first directing gig was “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”, by Tupac ft. Snoop Dogg, which became one of MTV’s most played videos of all time. The success of this music video solidified the foundation of the creative relationship between Gobi and Tupac.

Tupac became a huge part of Gobi’s life, and because of that, Gobi discovered the man behind the legend. He became one of Tupac’s closest friends, and it became impossible for him to overlook Tupac’s compassion, love, motivation, drive, and stress. In his book, he shares anecdotes that give the reader an opportunity to experience Tupac in a way that has never been exposed before through the media.

Today, Gobi continues to work towards sharing his Tupac experiences with the world. In addition to the recent release of His Life Through My Eyes, he is currently making a movie, 7 Dayz, which covers the last week of Tupac’s life. Gobi sat security at the hospital when Tupac got shot, and these seven days were some of the scariest of his life. He sat with the prospect of losing him, knowing that his life would never be the same again without Tupac.

Through his work, Gobi paints Tupac as a profit, inspiration, and a revolutionary leader. Tupac proved to Gobi the meaning of being true to himself and his calling, what it meant to be loyal to coworkers, friends, and family, and how to live life without limits. Join Gobi and help bring Tupac’s untold story to life.

Written by Amy O’Hara for Promontory Press

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