Our Favorite Young Adult Bloggers

24 Jun 2015

The best thing about young adult books is that while they may feature young adult protagonists, their sweet, sassy, and action packed story lines are enjoyable for all ages. From Susan Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy to Rainbow Rowell’s much—fangirled Fangirl, YA lit has taken over the world. This week, we bring to you some of our favorite YA book bloggers.

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Read. Breathe. Relax.

Read. Breathe. Relax. doubles as a name and a mantra to live by, at least as long as you’re on their website. RBR is not only a YA discovery and review blog—they also have fun topics like best lit tote bags, best books of the year lists, and giveaways. Read. Breathe. Relax focuses mostly on YA fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary young adult fiction.

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The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh

The Librarian Who Doesnt Say Shhh is a great blog that charmingly stays true to its theme: she grades books from A to F as opposed to the standard 5 star system; has “extra credit”; and even teaches her readers to write better book reviews by using writing concepts like point of view and plot. The Librarian Who Doesnt Say Shhh reviews contemporary, dystopia, historical fiction, mysteries, and non-fiction.

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 YA Highway

It’s easy to navigate this highway! YA Highway hosts cover reveals, giveaways, list of young adult literature, publishing news around the web, and guest posts. But the best part about YA Highway is that the blog is run by authors who have been published by the likes of Random House, HarperTeen, and St. Martin’s Press, so they have awesome insight into the world of young adult lit!

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 YA Love Blog

We’ve got a librarian on the list, so why not a professional who teaches literature to teens everyday? YA Love Blog is owned by a high school teacher, whose tagline is “Teaching, Reading, Sharing, and Loving YA Lit.” She does fun stuff like posts book trailers and polls she had past students take on what attracts them to books, so we can see what kids these days think about literature.

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Mundie Moms

Who says moms can’t read YA? Mundie Moms proudly reviews and talks about YA lit. The blog was started out of their love out of the Mortal Instruments series and grew into a popular YA fan site and discussion outlet.

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