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08 Jul 2015

Ahh, love! Do you like to read your romance novels out in the open, or are you relieved that you can secretly read Fifty Shades of Grey on your Kindle? Either way, romance novels are, officially, the most popular fiction genre. This week we celebrate romance with our  favorite romance book blogs!

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Smexy Books

The best part about Smexy Books is that they don’t just review romance, they review all of its sub-genres as well. So whether you like traditional, historical, LGBT, or erotic romance literature, Smexy Books will have great content for you to read!


The Book Vixen

The smuttier the novel, the better! That is what The Book Vixen lives by—they review anything from contemporary to paranormal romance. Along with the standard five-star rating system, The Book Vixen also determines romance novels by a “sensuality rating system,” so whether you’re looking for an erotic or innocent romance read, The Book Vixen has rated it for you. 

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Romance Novels for Feminists

Romance Novels for Feminists strives to review books that encourage feminist values. They review all sub-genres of romance, and reviews are released on Tuesdays. Their tagline says it all: Romance Novels for Feminists is “for readers who like a little equality with their love.” 

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Book Chick City

Book Chick City reviews many sub-genres of romance but also reviews urban fantasy novels! Besides having a trendy theme with guest posts, interviews and other author features, Book Chick City also expands into a Youtube channel and hosts its very own #LetsTalkRomance tag. 

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All About Romance

Not only does All About Romance review books, but they have book “cover conversations,” reader’s choice features, a list of the top 100 romance novels, and author interviews. All About Romance is a very interactive website for people who like romance fiction. 


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Laters, Baby

The Fifty Shades of Grey series cannot be denied as a worldwide phenomenon, with E.L. James’ newest novel Grey selling 1.1 million copies in just four days. Laters, Baby! is a blog/fan site for fans of Fifty Shades, and it has everything an E.L. James fan needs: recommendations of similar books, related news, and even a “Fifty Shades Podcast” where fans get together each week to discuss topics related to the series. 

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