Our Favorite Paranormal Bloggers

22 Jul 2015

Whether you’re the type of person who believes in ghosts and vampires, or the type who says they don’t (ahem, we know you secretly do), we can all admit that we’ve read a book or two about them! This week, we present you five book bloggers who love reading and writing about the paranormal genre.

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Parajunkee reviews paranormal and science fiction themed books, but sometimes they’ll talk about a romance or indie novel. You’ll find all your paranormal-genre reviews here, including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, YA paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Yup, that about covers it.

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Literary Escapism

People who like to read like to escape into the world inside their books—and this is Literary Escapism’s main goal. Finding those stories to help you go off into an imaginary land, this blog reviews almost (if not all) genres of paranormal and fantasy literature. 


Bitten by Books

Bitten by Books is a review site—with a bite! This blog does not disappoint with the abundance of paranormal, fantasy, and romance book reviews. They also have features like author guest posts, polls, and more. 


All Things Urban Fantasy

All Things Urban Fantasy is the place where “para is normal,” and it devotes itself solely to urban fantasy and paranormal fiction. If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, and Patricia Briggs, chances are you’ll find the right book for you here. 


Once Upon a Twilight

Twilight lovers, you’ve come to the right place! Once Upon a Twilight’s tagline is “a book began the bond of a lifetime,” so you know that you’ll find your next great paranormal read here. They review young adult, new adult, and adult, so whether you’re searching for the next best dystopian YA novel or an adult dark fantasy, you’ll find it here! 


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