Our Favorite Bookstagram Images This Week

25 Sep 2015

Bookish people – if you’re looking for gorgeous pictures that celebrate the love of all things literary, you’re going to love Bookstagram. Bookstagram is the name for the Instagram community of book bloggers, readers, authors, publishers, and anyone who posts about books and reading. We love discovering new people to follow and getting inspiration from other bookstagrammers on great pictures to try on our own Instagram account.

We’ve been keeping track of our favorite photos from the Bookstagram community this week. Check them out below, and give the ones you like a follow!




We love this creative take on the #bookandtree tag.

thedarkestpartsofsnow’s account is full of gorgeously framed books.

We love her use of natural elements and perfectly organized props. Her photos really get you excited about a book from the mood she portrays with the staging.




We love the autumnal feeling of crimeofrhyme’s breakfast post.

The colors in the granola are perfectly accented with fall leaves. Crisp white bedding is the perfect setting for this scene.

We’re transported to a snuggly morning with an indulgent breakfast and a great book.




This the season for Halloween candy! We love thesenovelideas’ playful (and seasonal) feature of Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please.

Anybody else craving candy corn?

Pro tip: the hardcover version of Yes Please has a bunch of hilarious ‘motivational posters’ like this one. Highly recommend picking it up.




We featured Dumplin’ recently, and were so excited to see this great photo show up in our feed.

We love the black, white, and red color theme, and buttermybooks’ red sunglasses are the perfect accent.

We have a similar pair that shows up in our feed from time to time!




Thing we didn’t know we needed: a tee shirt that says “Sorry I Only Date Wizards.”

We love newleafwriter’s Harry Potter themed post. As a Hufflepuff, the Slytherin ephemera is making me a little twitchy, but I must admit that the silver and green tones are beautiful.




Sometimes simple is best.

Wonder is a fantastic book, and we love the way that bookotter adorned the cover with curling ribbon.

The angle is perfect, the color matches so well – everything about this is just fantastic.

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Taylor loves books with a heavy dose of absurdity, hilarity, and beautiful prose. She is a marketer, adventurer, nature-lover, Hufflepuff, wannabe world traveler, and advocate of laughter.