Our Audiobook Playlist For July | 2020

24 Jul 2020

Our Audiobook Playlist For July | 2020

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite audiobooks we’ve been listening to in July. Our playlist includes a little something for everyone from mystery, romance, literary fiction, science fiction. Grab your headphones and happy listening!

Cajun Justice

by James Patterson

The new standalone novel from New York Times Bestselling Author James Patterson… Cain Lemaire had his dream job as a Secret Service agent protecting the President, until a single night resulted in a scandal that lost him his post. Needing a new start, he gets a little help from his sister in Japan and gets a job in Tokyo as head of security details for a successful CEO. What was meant to be a simple security post turns into a tangled web of corruption, greed, and extortion.

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Twisted Circles

by Claire Contreras

The second book in the Secret Society Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Claire Contreras… When someone tells you who you are, do you believe them? This morning I woke up in a mental institution and couldn’t remember a thing. I couldn’t remember my name or how I got here. I also don’t remember how I left or ended up in an interrogation room. The only thing I knew came from the contents of my bag and what they told me.

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The Party Upstairs

by Lee Conell

The debut novel from author Lee Connell… Ruby has an odd relationship with privilege. As the daughter of a super, she grew up in the basement of an Upper East Side co-op that gets more gentrified with each passing year. She is not economically privileged in any way, but living in such a wealthy neighborhood brought her certain advantages, even expectations.

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by Kfir Luzzatto

The first book in the Tessa Extra-Sensory Agent Series by Kfir Luzzatto… Tessa was only fourteen when the government took her away from her family. She is just a regular girl… except that she can see things that are far away. When she agrees to go on a critical mission, her special abilities and her loyalty to the service are put to the test. So is her love for a young woman whose secrets she is yet to unravel.

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Just Like That

by Cole McCade

The first book in the Albin Academy Series by Cole McCade… Summer Hemlock wasn’t supposed to return to Omen, Massachusetts. But when his mother needs help, he returns home and takes up a teaching residency at the Albin Academy. There he will have to work directly under Professor Fox Iseya, the man who made his teenage years miserable.

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A Summer of Surprises

by Judith Keim

Jill Conroy was tricked into being the housekeeper and cook at the Seashell Cottage over the summer. The same cottage where Greg Campbell and his nephew, Brody, have been hired to do maintenance projects. While she was annoyed at first, Jill soon realizes it’s actually wonderful to be away from New York and the memories of her deceased, emotionally abusive husband.

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