Our Audiobook Playlist For December | 2019

19 Dec 2019

Our Audiobook Playlist For December | 2019

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite audiobooks we’ve been listening to in December. Our playlist includes a little something for everyone from mystery, literary fiction, science fiction, and romance. Grab your headphones and happy listening!

A Day in the Death of Walter Zawislak

by Molly O’Keefe

Release Date: December 13, 2019

If you were given one day to relive at the end of your life, what day would you choose? Walter Zawislak doesn’t want any of it. He doesn’t want a trip down memory lane to revisit a life he wasted. His wife, Rosie, died twenty years ago, and he hasn’t done much living since. If it’s lights out, he just wants some peace and quiet. But Peter, the mysterious man in charge of Walter’s afterlife isn’t listening.

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Trace of Evil

by Alice Blanchard

Release Date: December 3, 2019

The first book in A Natalie Lockhart series by Alice Blanchard… Natalie Lockhart is a rookie detective in Burning Lake, New York. It is an isolated town known for its dark past. Natalie has been tasked with finding nine missing transients that have gone missing over the years. As she dives into the case, she wrestles with the town’s troubled history… and the scars left by her sister’s unsolved murder.

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Trying to Score

by Kendall Ryan

Release Date: November 12, 2019

The third book in the Hot Jocks series by New York Times Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan… I knew Teddy King way before he was the hockey player that everyone wants a piece of. He was just a rebellious college co-ed and one of my more energetic study partners. But now the secret is out. One steamy encounter from our college days has surfaced and could cause a major scandal. That’s unless we can work together to stop it.

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by Brandon Sanderson

Release Date: November 26, 2019

The sequel to Skyward by New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson… Spensa has dreamed of becoming a pilot her entire life. She wants to prove she is a hero like her father. When she made it to the sky, she learned some crushing truths about her father. The rumors about his cowardice are true and he deserted his flight during a battle against Krell.

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If You Tell

by Gregg Olsen

Release Date: December 1, 2019

The new true crime story from the New York Times Bestselling Author, Gregg Olsen… The word mom triggers horrific memories for sisters Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek. For years, behind the closed doors of a farmhouse in Raymond, Washington, their mother, Shelly, subjected the girls to abuse, torture, and psychic terrors. Throughout everything, the three girls developed a defiant bond that helped them escape the escalating nightmare.

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A Christmas Gathering

by Anne Perry

Release Date: November 5, 2019

Although her friends’ country house is beautiful, it is not the place Lady Vespasia wants to spend Christmas with her new husband, Victor Narraway. She would have much preferred a relaxing holiday at home. Especially since Victor, the former head of the London Special Branch, seems to be hiding undercover dealings with the other guests of the estate.

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