Our Audiobook Playlist For August | 2019

22 Aug 2019

Our Audiobook Playlist For August | 2019

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite audiobooks we’ve been listening to in August. Our playlist includes a little something for everyone, from mystery, literary fiction, fantasy, romance, and biography/memoir. Grab your headphones and happy listening!

The Assistant

by Marni Mann

Release Date: July 30, 2019

I am married to my best friend and have two beautiful children. My life is perfect… Then my father got sick. Before I owned a successful company and now I have to stay at home with my family. Before my husband could rely on me to take care of everything but now I have to hire an assistant. Every part of my life can be summed up by these before and afters, but something also happened in the middle.

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Things You Save in a Fire

by Katherine Center

Release Date: August 13, 2019

A new audiobook from the New York Times Bestselling Author of How to Walk Away… Cassie Hanwell is one of the only female firefighters in her Texas firehouse, she’s seen her fair share of emergencies. But when her estranged mother asks her to give up her life and move to Boston, she suddenly has to deal with her own. The old-school Boston firehouse is as different as it could be and they aren’t exactly thrilled to have a “lady” on the crew. Except for the rookie, who doesn’t mind having her around.

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The Whisper Man

by Alex North

Release Date: August 20, 2019

After the death of his wife, Tom Kennedy needs a fresh start with his son, Jake. He finds a new house, in a new town. But he doesn’t realize that Featherbank has a dark past. Twenty years ago a serial killer abducted and murdered five residents. Until Frank Carter was arrested, he was nicknamed “The Whisper Man.” But now a young boy has vanished and the disappearance resembles The Whisper Man’s crimes.

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Death of Darkness

by Dianne Duvall

Release Date: August 20, 2019

The ninth book in the New York Times Bestselling Immortal Guardians series… Seth was the leader of the Immortal Guardians for thousands of years. He protected humans from mercenary armies and vampires, but the latest enemy has proven to be a formidable one. Seth’s only wish is to protect his family but then Leah walks into his life and sparks a new desire.

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Pawsitively Poisonous

by Melissa Erin Jackson

Release Date: July 5, 2019

Amber Blackwood has been a lifelong resident of Edgehill, Oregon. She has earned a reputation around town as a semi-reclusive odd duck. The people of Edgehill think her store, the Quirky Whisker, is an integral part of the feline-obsessed town, but everyone gives her a wide berth. She’s fine with that, as it keeps her secret safe.

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The Wolf’s Call

by Anthony Ryan

Release Date: July 23, 2019

Vaelin Al Sorna is a legend known across the Realm. His leadership overthrew empires and his blade won battles. But it was his sacrifice that defeated an evil more terrifying than anything the world had seen. Now he has cast aside the glory for a quiet life. But whispers from across the seas arise of an army called the Steel Horde, he is forced to act.

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