New Young Adult Novels for Fans of Eragon

21 Jun 2024

New Young Adult Novels for Fans of Eragon

Venture into the realms of epic fantasy with our latest selection of young adult novels! If you were captivated by the magic and adventure of “Eragon,” these new releases promise thrilling quests, mystical creatures, and heroic journeys. Whether you seek dragons, destiny, or daring heroes, these books are sure to ignite your imagination and transport you to fantastical worlds.

In a Dark Fairy Tale (Try Not to Die Book 10)

by Mark Tullius & Evan Baughfman

Release Date: June 4 2024

Does this interactive fairy tale have a happy ending? Are you brave enough to risk death to achieve it? Your father, King Dorian, is on his deathbed and has given you and your twin brother a quest to determine who will wear his crown. Whoever can defeat five villains in the Wild Woods and return to the castle will become the next ruler of Vallorum.

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Getting What I Deserve

by Rich Samuels

Release Date: April 19 2024

Would you forgive your worst Enemy? 13-year-old Charlie survived a school year of relentless bullying. He’s grateful for summer and hopeful that next year might be better. But on the first day of vacation, his worst enemy—the boy who led the bullying—knocks on his door and begs for forgiveness. Is it a cruel trick–or a true hand of friendship?

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Poison in Their Hearts (Castles in Their Bones #3)

by Laura Sebastian

Release Date: June 18 2024

Whispers of an ancient prophecy follow them—secrets from their past are yet to be revealed—and every move they make, the empress seems to be one step ahead them. If there’s to be any hope for the princesses, the girls will need to use every skill their mother taught them, trust in the magic in their veins, and defy fate itself. And if they can’t, all is lost for the people of Vesteria.

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Masquerade of the Heart (Garden of the Cursed Book 2)

by Katy Rose Pool

Release Date: June 18 2024

Cursebreaker Marlow Briggs must deal with the aftermath of her fake romance with one of the most powerful nobles in the illustrious—and deadly—Evergarden society, all while uncovering the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance.

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Mirror of Vanity (Beyond Mercenary Book 3)

by M Guida & Michael Anderle

Release Date: June 6 2024

Join Damon on a journey where love, loyalty, and sacrifice collide, and the price of victory may be higher than anyone is willing to pay. Can they shatter the Mirror of Vanity and break the curse, or will Pride consume them all?

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Hearts That Cut (Threads That Bind Book 2)

by Kika Hatzopoulou

Release Date: June 18 2024

In this heart-pounding, much-anticipated sequel to Threads That Bind, Io will face threats even more dangerous and players even more powerful as she discovers what it will mean to follow—or defy—her fate.

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