New SciFi & Fantasy Books for Fans of The 100

24 May 2024

New SciFi & Fantasy Books for Fans of The 100

Explore the realms of futuristic technology, time travel, intricate politics, and ancient magic in these new science fiction and fantasy releases, tailor-made for fans of the dynamic storytelling found in The 100. With each page, immerse yourself in gripping narratives where complex power struggles and mystical forces collide, promising an unforgettable reading experience.

Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny (SciFi Galaxy Book 1)

by Jeremy Clift

Release Date: April 24 2024

When Teagan Ward claims seven babies, conceived artificially aboard a rotating space habitat after she donated her eggs to a medical experiment, are her children, she triggers a fight that consumes her life and a race against time to free her from the clutches of an unscrupulous doctor, a power-mad general, and a billionaire asteroid miner.

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2024 Before Democracy

by Tyler True

Release Date: April 25 2024

The revolution begins after Theodore Hansen discovers a magical plant in the Amazon rainforest and sells it to the world. He then uses his vast fortune to fund a political revolution to bring real democracy to the world through online voting, and must also protect himself and his family from powerful enemies who want to stop it from happening.

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The Wrath of the Broken (The Cursed Series Book 4)

by Acacia Warmerdam

Release Date: March 30 2024

A deaf angel falls for the princess of a fallen kingdom, and they plot to free her people. It’s like Hunger Games meets Throne of Glass and 50 shades—extremely spicy!

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The Dead Saint (Blood and Rubies Book 1)

by Kathryn Trattner

Release Date: May 15 2024

Sorcha and Adrian are forced together in their search for the relics of a dead god. Determined to resurrect him and change the direction of a conquering empire the two will face danger and have their loyalties tested. Choices must be made—is Sorcha the woman the temple raised her to be? Is Adrian the heartless killer the empire created?

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Witch Mirror (The Hawthorne University Witch Series Book 4)

by A.L. Hawke

Release Date: February 26 2024

Bryce and I are trying to revive Alondra’s old metaphysical history class. But it’s stressful under Alondra’s shadow. Not only that, there’s a new demon-witch messing with my love life. Well, at least this time I have Alondra’s magic to protect me. Actually, not only do I have her magic, Alondra’s spirit is inside me, possessing me.

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Light in the Abyss (Blackwood & Virtue Book 3)

by Bennett R. Coles

Release Date: May 7 2024

Light in the Abyss, by bestselling author Bennett R. Coles, is the third book in the Blackwood and Virtue saga. Author Coles once again delights his readers with a humorous, fabulous interstellar adventure. In a dense star cluster, the star sailing ship HMSS Daring is running at full sheet on a new mission ordered by His Imperial Majesty.

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Another Time

by Lane Cohen

Release Date: April 12 2024

Using a modified version of the time machine prop from the 1960 film, The Time Machine, a present-day university physics professor and his genius student travel back to 1884 Prescott, Arizona, and unintentionally take on the personas of fictional gunslingers from popular western novels.

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