New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | March 2022

30 Mar 2022

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | March 2022

Have you been searching for some exciting new sci-fi and fantasy reads? You’ll be able to explore fantastic new worlds with these amazing new releases from bestselling authors Lindsay Buroker, Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle, Greg Dragon, Lane Cohen, Glendy Vanderah, and J.R. Mathews. Happy reading!

The Elf Tangent

by Lindsay Buroker

Release Date: March 15, 2022

As a princess in the impoverished kingdom of Delantria, it’s Aldari’s job to look pretty, speak little, and marry a prince. All is going to plan until the handsome elven mercenary captain hired to guard her marriage caravan turns into her kidnapper.

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The Extraordinary Fixer (The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Book 1)

by Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle

Release Date: February 25, 2022

The Fairy Godmother Agency has been operating without a need to change for centuries—until now. Why? Because Love is dying… Can the agency adapt to how love works in a modern world?

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Neon eClipse

by Greg Dragon

Release Date: March 15, 2022

One of Case City’s most skilled assassins, Jackson Cole is a wanted man. After annihilating his latest target, he quickly learns the prominent man’s identity. Now, a perilous enemy seeks revenge, and rival guilds look to take advantage of his vulnerability. For Jackson, it’s become kill or be killed, but will a steady aim be enough to take on the entire city?

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Borrowed Time

by Lane Cohen

Release Date: February 27, 2022

A professor of advanced physics and his student perfect a method of time travel and adapt it to the prop time machine from the 1960 film, The Time Machine. The student attempts to correct a terrible historical wrong, while the professor attempts to prevent a broken-hearted romance from happening.

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The Oceanography of the Moon

by Glendy Vanderah

Release Date: March 22, 2022

A heartfelt novel of shedding secrets, facing the past, and embracing the magic of love and family by the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars.

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Portal to Nova Roma

by J.R. Mathews

Release Date: March 3, 2022

Join Alexander as he risks it all by downloading his intelligence into a body made from the best-stolen technology and bio-enhancements Earth has to offer and takes the plunge through a portal to another world.

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