New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | March 2022

10 Mar 2022

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | March 2022

Have you been searching for some exciting new sci-fi and fantasy reads? You’ll be able to explore fantastic new worlds with these amazing new releases from bestselling authors Kieron Holland, Daniel Sherrier, Brenda Trim, J.T. Skye, Michael Anderle, and Dakota Krout. Happy reading!

As Thick As Thieves: The Price of Infamy

by Kieron Holland

Release Date: December 18, 2021

Medieval Exeter is abuzz with news of an up and coming royal wedding – and not just for the festivities. The Spanish Princess bride is bringing with her an exceptional treasure as her dowry. Greed and envy abound it seems that everyone, nobles, the clergy, pagan cultists, and every crook and thief in the land wants it.

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The Silver Stranger

by Daniel Sherrier

Release Date: February 5, 2022

Alyssa Henson hates that super-powers have become real. She had once dreamed of exploring outer space but kept her feet on the ground and settled for a more conventional life. And now, people are soaring overhead, outracing sound, transforming into photons, and so much more. It’s unnatural. It’s weird. It’s dangerous. And it needs to stop.

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Magical Complications (Midlife Witchery Book 8)

by Brenda Trim

Release Date: March 4, 2022

Stone demons, giant spider monsters, and a pissed-off goddess have nothing on being pregnant at forty. I’m a Fae, not a witch, and yet every witchy problem in Cottelhill Wilds still finds me. My best friends and I are just magnets for trouble.

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First Strike (Galactic Rebels Book 1)

by J.T. Skye

Release Date: January 30, 2022

He just wants to run space cargo. Alien warlords want him dead – with a billion credit price on his head. Now, everyone with a gun and a spaceship wants to cash in. But, humans are not easy to kill, especially a battle hardened Marine warrior from Earth.

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Second Contact (Opus X: Fleet of One Book 1)

by Michael Anderle

Release Date: February 11, 2022

Humanity is wounded and reeling. The elite pillars of society launched a brutal betrayal that almost doomed billions. A chance archaeological discovery on a human frontier colony launches the deadliest race in galactic history. It’s up to tough xenoarchaeologist Cyrus and newly-minted spy and ex-soldier Kat to save humanity.

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Anything (Full Murderhobo Book 2)

by Dakota Krout

Release Date: March 2, 2022

An ever-expanding desert. A centuries-old curse. Enough power to change Anything. Luke is a straightforward man. There are only a few things he wants in life: levels, things to fight to gain levels, and finding Cookie so he can fight things more efficiently. Well, better armor might be nice. Yet, the other members of his team are ready for some relaxation and fun in the sun. After all, there should be huge perks that come with stopping an invasion in its tracks, and a hero’s welcome would be a welcome change.

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