New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | July 2022

14 Jul 2022

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | July 2022

Have you been searching for some exciting new sci-fi and fantasy reads? You’ll be able to explore fantastic new worlds with these amazing new releases from bestselling authors Stavros Saristavros, Alyssia Wiggins, Jamie Davis & Michael Anderle, Jessie Mihalik, Jim Butcher, and M.R. Forbes. Happy reading!

The Tome of Syyx (The Fateful Force Book 1)

by Stavros Saristavros

Release Date: April 6, 2022

The Tome of Syyx is an epic tale of heroes, villains, and common enemies. Tasked with helping secure the future of the town of Sanctuary, four young adventurers soon discover that armies of orcs and hobgoblins are far from the only threats to peace on the frontier. Ancient evils stir. Deals must be brokered. But can everyone be trusted?

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My Family Grimoire

by Alyssia Wiggins

Release Date: May 4, 2022

It’s not enough to have her heart ripped out by the loss of her best friend and grandmother, but to be the sole protector of the family grimoire with immense power is an emotion beyond all others. Lucky for her, she has the guidance of a snarky familiar. While taking on things she only imagined possible in fairy tales.

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Marshal The Stars (Lone Wolf Squadron Book 1)

by Jamie Davis & Michael Anderle

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Fighter pilot Beau Ward was always willing to bend the rules to get the job done. His “independent” attitude got him bounced around the Federation Fleet for years—until he took it too far. A long-standing debt has been called in, and he’s the one who must pay it back.

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Eclipse the Moon

by Jessie Mihalik

Release Date: July 12, 2022

Acclaimed author Jessie Mihalik returns with an exciting new novel about a rainbow-haired female bounty hunter tasked with preventing an interstellar war.

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The Law: A Dresden Files Novella

by Jim Butcher

Release Date: July 5, 2022

From the number one New York Times bestselling Dresden Files series, a forthcoming novella that thrusts Chicago’s only professional Wizard, Harry Dresden, back into battle–both a legal one… and the kind with explosions.

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Candy Bomb (Starship for Sale Book 4)

by M.R. Forbes

Release Date: July 11, 2022

The adventure of a lifetime continues in the fourth book in the #1 sci-fi bestselling Starship For Sale series. If you like found starships, unlikely heroes, and intergalactic mayhem, you’ll love Starship For Sale.

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