New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | December 2021

23 Dec 2021

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read | December 2021

Have you been searching for some exciting new sci-fi and fantasy reads? You’ll be able to explore fantastic new worlds with these amazing new releases from bestselling authors Miriam Verbeek, Nassim Odin, J. D. Richards, Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti, Hailey Edwards, Jez Cajiao. Happy reading!

Songs of Si’Empra

by Miriam Verbeek

Release Date: November 26, 2021

On the mountainous, Antarctic island of Si’Empra, Ellen revels in the land’s life and beauty. But she knows the land is fragmenting… its life systems and people abused. She has a choice: follow her dreams or learn how to heal the island’s deep distress. Perhaps there is no choice… perhaps it is just finding the strength and courage to do what must be done.

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The Sphere of Destiny (The Sphere of Destiny Trilogy Book 1)

by Nassim Odin

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Al-Khidr, a medieval alchemist, is awestruck when he discovers a mysterious metallic sphere inside a pyramid. He activates the time-space travel device which catapults him to an alien planet called Lyra. With danger looming, a short time frame, and his life on the line, Al-Khidr has some difficult decisions to face. Find out more about his journey in this adrenaline-rushing book, the first in a sci-fi trilogy!

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The Emerald Princess

by J. D. Richards

Release Date: November 21, 2021

An out of work pilot. A job recovering looted art. A promise of a Citizenship Card. A myth told throughout the universe. One woman fights to survive in a race for freedom – and revenge.

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Zodiac Academy 7: Heartless Sky

by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Release Date: December 18, 2021

The winds of fate are shifting, and it finally seems like they’ve been twisted in our favour. On the run and cast out from society, we’ve been forced to hide from the mad man who stole our throne. But as more secrets come to light and my sister and I work harder than ever before to reach our potential and claim our birth right, the end is finally drawing closer. There is no turning from this path now. The curse chases on our heels as time rushes by and the blood drenched destiny of the man I love looms ever closer just like the monster who stole our throne.

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Black Truth, White Lies (Black Hat Bureau Book 3)

by Hailey Edwards

Release Date: December 7, 2021

When one of Santa’s reindeer meets a grisly end during the annual A Downtown Dickens Christmas Festival, Rue realizes her enemies are closing in on her location, and Samford will pay the price. But when one creature turns into two, and two into three, and then three into four, Rue knows the problem is bigger than a singular threat to her new hometown. As old loyalties are tested and new relationships threaten to unravel the fabric of her identity, Rue must choose either the family she was born into or the one she created for herself, and the losing side might not survive her decision.

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Age of Bronze (Rise of Mankind Book 2)

by Jez Cajiao

Release Date: December 17, 2021

A world gone mad. Creatures of nightmare walk the streets, but worse are those we once knew… Matt survived the Dungeon’s founding, and managed to gather a small, but dedicated team to him, but when he finds his is not the only Dungeon in the area, he has a choice to make. Attempt friendly co-existence, but lose the element of surprise, or attack, and risk it all? Matt has learned the consequences of being too trusting when the world collapses around you, but is the path of grim dictator any better? Can he trust those around him? When those he left behind seem to be abusing his gift?

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