New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books for Your Reading List

19 May 2022

New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books for Your Reading List

Have you been searching for some exciting new sci-fi and fantasy reads? You’ll be able to explore fantastic new worlds with these amazing new releases from authors Kay L Moody, Michael Anderle, Kalfus Ken, Jacqueline Druga, Domagoj Kurmaic, and Chelsea Abdullah. Happy reading!

Flame and Crystal Thorns

by Kay L Moody

Release Date: March 10, 2022

As a human girl, Chloe wants to stay far from Faerie. But then she finds out angry mortals are using iron to hold a castle full of fae hostage. Her older sister is among the hostages. Now she must save Faerie before her sister is killed. Flame and Crystal Thorns is the first book in a new YA fae romance series. This is a spin off of The Fae of Bitter Thorn series by Kay L. Moody. It features a few appearances and minor spoilers from The Fae of Bitter Thorn, but it also stands alone as its own series. It can be read without any prior knowledge or reading of The Fae of Bitter Thorn.

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Wake Him Up

by Michael Anderle

Release Date: April 15, 2022

Centuries after being driven from Earth as part of a massive diaspora triggered by an alien invasion, can the Valers face their worst — and unimaginable — nightmare? [Michael Anderle] is unconventional in the same way Jim Butcher is, inventing a complete world view, then creating characters and a storyline we can all enjoy. It’s escapism at its finest.” -Reviewer

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2 A.M. in Little America

by Kalfus Ken

Release Date: May 10, 2022

From “an important writer in every sense” (David Foster Wallace), a novel that imagines a future in which sweeping civil conflict has forced America’s young people to flee its borders, into an unwelcoming world. Brimming with mystery, suspense, and comic irony, 2 A.M. in Little America poses several questions vital to the current moment: What happens when privilege is reversed? Who is watching and why? How do tribalized politics disrupt our ability to distinguish what is true and what is not? This is a story for our time — gripping, unsettling, and prescient.

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Empty Earth

by Jacqueline Druga

Release Date: April 14, 2022

When Vivian closes her eyes to go to sleep, she prays she doesn’t wake up, that the world just goes away. Little does she realize, her prayers are about to be answered. Vivian wakes to a world void of life. Bodies everywhere, cars smashed into buildings. Everyone is dead. Everyone but her. Now Vivian not only searches out others but for answers as to what happened and why. “Kept me guessing right up until the big reveal!” -Reviewer

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Mother of Learning

by Domagoj Kurmaic

Release Date: May 17, 2022

As the months in the time loop seem to add up without end, Zorian forms alliances with acquaintances old and new in an effort to solve the mystery of the loop and save his city — maybe even the world — from destruction. “The plot shapes up well and has a great conclusion. Highly recommended.” -Reviewer

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The Stardust Thief

by Chelsea Abdullah

Release Date: May 17, 2022

Inspired by stories from One Thousand and One Nights, this book weaves together the gripping tale of a legendary smuggler, a cowardly prince, and a dangerous quest across the desert to find a legendary, magical lamp. Loulie al-Nazari is the Midnight Merchant: a criminal who, with the help of her jinn bodyguard, hunts and sells illegal magic. When she saves the life of a cowardly prince, she draws the attention of his powerful father, the sultan, who blackmails her into finding an ancient lamp that has the power to revive the barren land—at the cost of sacrificing all jinn. With no choice but to obey or be executed, Loulie journeys with the sultan’s oldest son to find the artifact.

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