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21 Dec 2015

Enemy of Existence by Yuan Jur & Destiny’s Second Chance by Kate Vale

Here at Promontory Press, we like to keep it interesting by releasing very diverse titles to please all types of readers. In October we released two very different, but very good novels: Enemy of Existence by Yuan Jur and Destiny’s Second Chance by Kate Vale.

Yuan Jur launched Enemy of Existence, the first part of the Earth’s Secret trilogy in his space opera science fiction series Citadel 7, on October 6th. Unique in its storytelling, Enemy of Existence literally pulls the reader right into the story from the very beginning, making the reader into a character. The reader is instantly introduced to two intercosmos wardens of the Superverse, Uniss and Dogg, who are under strict orders from the Evercycle Council (the creators of existence) to locate their newest apprentice. Venturing to Earth, Uniss and Dogg arrive on the Australian outback of 1963. They soon find Ben Blochentackle, a young Australian boy, who is much more complex than he appears. Once Ben comes of age, Uniss and Dogg bring him back to alien world Tora, where the threat of war is pending. It might be that Ben is the only hope for all of existence. Nothing is as it seems in this introduction to Yuan Jur’s grand Citadel 7 series. Any reader who enjoys sci-fi is sure to become immediately immersed in the Superverse. After all, Uniss and Dogg don’t give the reader much of a choice.

Meanwhile, romance and women’s fiction author Kate Vale has been busy with the October 20th launch of her newest release, Destiny’s Second Chance, a heartwarming and satisfying tale of the intricacies and repercussions surrounding adoption. At the age of sixteen, Bella was pregnant, and her mother forced her to place the baby for adoption. Wanting to form any kind of connection, Bella writes to her daughter, Destiny, but after five years, she stops receiving annual letters from Destiny’s adoptive parents. Now, Bella has entirely lost any connection with the daughter she never got a chance to know. Even with Destiny always in the back of her mind, Bella must continue her life of working as a librarian in Washington with her best friend and navigating a new relationship with Gavin, the nephew of her favourite bookstore’s owner. Once Destiny turns twenty-one, she hears from Bella out of the blue, and she is intrigued yet apprehensive. What kind of woman would be so irresponsible to have a child she didn’t plan for? Why wouldn’t she ever make an effort to see her while she was growing up? Convinced by her adoptive mother that her birth mother wanted nothing to do with her, Destiny isn’t so sure about Bella. But, when they meet, they find that they have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction or you prefer your stories to take place entirely on a planet with which you’re more familiar, our October releases each have something to offer with these two exciting and poignant titles. Make sure to pick one (or both!) up for your bookshelf today, or give the gift of reading this holiday season.

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