New Mystery and Thriller Reads For Summer | 2020

16 Jul 2020

New Mystery and Thriller Reads For Summer | 2020

The summer season is the perfect time to dive into some exciting new mystery and thriller reads. We think you’ll love these latest releases from Corey Lynn Fayman, Ace Atkins, David Archer, James Patterson, Jeff Abbott, and Paul Doiron. We hope you enjoy these new mystery and thriller reads for Summer!

Ballast Point Breakdown

by Corey Lynn Fayman

The fourth book in A Rolly Waters Mystery Series by Corey Lynn Fayman… On a cool winter evening, a speedboat hurtles across the San Diego Bay and crashes into the Admiral’s Club where a farewell party for the Navy’s top-secret Dolphin Divers program is underway. As the guests flee the inferno, a woman named Janis Withers crawls out and screams her last words-Arion has returned! Detective Rolly Waters is pulled into the case when he makes a connection between Janis and a pair of dog tags left behind.

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The Revelators

by Ace Atkins

The 10th book in A Quinn Colson Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Ace Atkins… After being shot and left for dead, Sheriff Quinn Colson is out for revenge. With the help of his wife, rehabilitation, and sheer force of will, he is now walking again. He is eager to start work again as a southern lawman and find those responsible for his attempted murder. But someone is standing in his way.

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Chasing Ghosts

by David Archer

The 12th book in A Sam and Indie Series by USA Today Bestselling Author David Archer… In Chasing Ghosts, Sam and Indie take on their strangest case ever, when they are asked to help prove a cameraman for a ghost chaser TV show didn’t murder a policeman. As they dive into a world of ghosts, will they be able to find the real killer?

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Cajun Justice

by James Patterson

The new standalone novel from New York Times Bestselling Author James Patterson… Cain Lemaire had his dream job as a Secret Service agent protecting the President, until a single night resulted in a scandal that lost him his post. Needing a new start, he gets a little help from his sister in Japan and gets a job in Tokyo as head of security details for a successful CEO. What was meant to be a simple security post turns into a tangled web of corruption, greed, and extortion.

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Never Ask Me

by Jeff Abbott

The body of Danielle Roberts is found on a park bench in a quiet neighborhood of the wealthy Austin suburb of Lakehaven. She was a beloved member of the community and an adoption consultant who delivered the joy of parenthood to many local families. Her murder shocks the community. No one is as crushed as the Pollitts, the family who lived two houses down from Danielle. Her death becomes a maelstrom of suspicion and intrigue.

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One Last Lie

by Paul Doiron

The 11th book in the Mike Bowditch Mysteries Series by Paul Doiron… “Never trust a man without secrets.” These were the last words retired game warden Charley Stevens speaks to his surrogate son, Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch. That was before the old man vanished without explanation. Mike suspects the disappearance has something to do with an antique warden badge that recently surfaced at a flea market… a badge connected to a cold case from Charley’s past.

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