New Literary Fiction Novels

18 Aug 2017

Looking for some new novels to fill the gaps in your bookshelf? Is your library in need of something fresh and unique? Then these brand new Literary Fiction novels are the perfect option for you. Our list includes some exciting and buzzy authors like Paul Michael Peters, Tom Perrotta, Kamila Shamsie, Paul Yoon and more!

New Literary Fiction Novels

Killing the Devil

Paul Michael Peters

Release Date: August 15, 2017

What if you had the power to stop the Devil? If you could save the world from sin would you do it? Or would you rather party in hell with the sinners? Tex Bryant decides to rid the world of the Devil, but what he didn’t know is that he will become the very thing he despises. His journey takes him from city to city, leaving only destruction in his path. Nothing can save him… except the woman he loves.

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Mrs. Fletcher

Tom Perrotta

Release Date: August 1, 2017

Eve Fletcher is trying to figure out what comes next in her life. A forty-six-year-old divorcee whose only child just left for college, Eve is struggling to adjust to her empty nest. One night her phone lights up with a text message sent from an anonymous number. The sexy and mysterious message starts to obsess Eve and lure her into an exciting new life. Mrs. Fletcher is a timeless examination of sexuality, parenthood, and the mistakes people make when they are no longer sure of where they belong.

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Home Fire

Kamila Shamsie

Release Date: August 15, 2017

Isma is free. After years of watching out for her younger siblings in the wake of their mother’s death, she’s accepted an invitation from a mentor in America that allows her to resume a dream long deferred. But she can’t stop worrying about Aneeka, her beautiful, headstrong sister back in London, or their brother, Parvaiz, who’s disappeared in pursuit of his own dream.

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The Mountain

Paul Yoon

Release Date: August 15, 2017

Paul Yoon, the award-winning and acclaimed author of Once the Shore and Snow Hunters, displays his subtle, ethereal, and observant style with six thematically linked stories. All take place across several continents and time periods and are populated with characters who are connected by their traumatic pasts, newly vagrant lives, and quests for solace in their futures.

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Andrew Sean Greer

Release Date: July 18, 2017

Arthur Less just wants to run away from his problems. He’s a failed novelist, about to turn fifty and just received a wedding invitation from his ex boyfriend. How can he skip town as an excuse to not go? Then he sees the series of literary event invitations from around the world sitting on his desk. I guess you can run away from your problems!

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The Future Won’t Be Long

Jarett Kobek

Release Date: August 15, 2017

When wealthy art student, Adeline, chances upon a young man from the Midwest known only as Baby in a shady East Village squat, the two begin a fiery friendship that propels them through a decade of New York life. When Adeline gets an opportunity in San Fransisco, their nearly impenetrable friendship is tested.

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