New Literary Fiction Book Recommendations | December 2021

30 Dec 2021

New Literary Fiction Book Recommendations | December 2021

Looking to add to your literary fiction list this December? Check out these new novels by indie bestselling authors Jennifer Collins, Penelope Bloom, Ivy Wild, Sagar Constantin, Susanne O’Leary, and Kate Hewitt. Enjoy your new literary fiction book recommendations!

Comfort in the Wings

by Jennifer Collins

Release Date: October 1, 2021

Larissa Whitcomb flounders in the wake of unimaginable losses. Forget about coping; she can barely function. Life as she has known it evaporates, and she isolates herself from work and friends. Aware, however, of the dangers of her bleak existence, she reluctantly agrees to embark on a unique business opportunity, which becomes Larissa’s journey of grieving.

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The Ego(maniac)

by Penelope Bloom

Release Date: November 30, 2021

Something is very wrong with my downstairs neighbor. For starters? She appears completely immune to my charms. It’s odd… Downright suspicious. But beneath those frowns and pantsuits, I know she feels the connection, too. Why else would she keep filing noise complaints against me? It’s like a cry for help. A demand for me to show up at her door…

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Beautiful Surrender

by Ivy Wild

Release Date: December 3, 2021

“She’s so very good at being bad.” Xavier: My truth is control. My truth is that good is rewarded and that bad is punished. Aubrey Knight thought she could disrupt my business and get away with it. But, she was sorely mistaken. So, when her father lost the election and came to me begging for money I struck a deal. The little brat would serve as collateral until the loan was repaid. She thinks she can test me. How laughable. She will learn that my house has rules, and she will learn to follow them. Aubrey: I will never follow his rules.

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The Life (The IN-BETWEEN series Book 1)

by Sagar Constantin

Release Date: December 22, 2021

The In-Between is a temporary home for people where they must decide whether to return to their lives on Earth or move on to the next stage in their development. It is a wondrous place, filled with spiritual aids and advanced technology. It is also a place where a person faces themself fully for the first time. When Eva arrives at the In-Between, she is utterly sure of her decision: she wants to return to her son. Yet, she soon realizes that what she believes about herself and her place in the world isn’t as straightforward as she’d always assumed.

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The Lost Promise of Ireland

by Susanne O’Leary

Release Date: December 17, 2021

A completely gorgeous story about lost loves and small-town secrets that will sweep you away to the Irish coast. Torn between her growing feelings for Brian and the romance she’s held in her heart for many years, Maggie realises that her summer may be more complicated than she’d expected. Will Maggie finally find a true love who can sweep her off her feet or will this holiday in Sandy Cove be her last?

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The Island We Left Behind (Amherst Island Book 4)

by Kate Hewitt

Release Date: November 30, 2021

“I love you. Of course I do. But we haven’t any choice in the matter, do we? If our little boy’s health, even his survival, is at stake, we have to do whatever it takes.” This is the fourth novel in the unmissable Amherst Island series that follows the life and love of a once-orphan girl called Ellen. Set in 1920s New York, California and Canada, it’s an unmissable read, perfect for fans of The Oceans Between Us, The Orphan Sisters, and My Name is Eva.

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