New Fantasy & SciFi Novels for Fans of The Green Knight

14 Jun 2024

New Fantasy & SciFi Novels for Fans of The Green Knight

Step into realms of magic and mystery with our latest fantasy and sci-fi picks, tailored for fans entranced by the epic tale of ‘The Green Knight.’ Embark on thrilling adventures, encounter mythical creatures, and explore uncharted galaxies as we unveil six spellbinding novels sure to captivate and enchant. Whether you seek quests of honor or journeys through the stars, prepare to be transported to worlds beyond imagination.

The Curse of King Midas

by Colleen M. Story

Release Date: June 10 2024

Join King Midas, a beloved ruler with a dark past, as he seeks vengeance against King Sargon II for the theft of his family. But beware, as his desire for revenge blinds him to the treacherous path ahead. When a wish from a powerful goddess takes an unexpected turn, King Midas finds himself with only hours to live.

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The Knight (The Last Horizon Book 3)

by Will Wight

Release Date: June 11 2024

Raion Raithe, Knight of The Last Horizon, sees these threats as a chance to redeem himself. He will stand against the danger, and he will stand strong, no matter what it costs. His friends are counting on him.

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Demon Reform Academy (Term 1)

by Lyra Winters

Release Date: June 1 2024

I was here to work on myself, but a whirlwind of rumors, dark magic, and a secret society threatened to plunge the academy into deeper turmoil—and me along with it.

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The Captive’s Curse (Twilight Mages Book 2)

by Eliot Grayson

Release Date: May 30 2024

At odds with his family and on the run, Lord Cyril is taken prisoner and held in a gloomy mountain fortress—which he brightens up quite a bit, thank you. His captor wants him to be quiet and not cause any trouble, but who cares? Cyril may need the mysterious highwayman to quell his dawn magic and keep him sane, but he’s overbearing, sardonic, and unpleasant.

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Free as a Bird (Yard Birds Book 3)

by Hailey Edwards

Release Date: June 3 2024

When an old friend reaches out to Ellie, asking for help locating her missing coven members, she’s ready for her big comeback. Witchlight is financing the op, and it feels damn good to be official again.

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The Wages of an Assassin (The Last Eternal Book 7)

by Jacob Peppers

Release Date: June 6 2024

Pain and regret may be a soldier’s rewards, but the creature who comes for him and his friends is no soldier. She is a lurker in the shadows, an assassin, and so she will have an assassin’s wage. She seeks death…The wanderer means to help her find it.

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